The Open Source Kit for Robotics aims to provide real low level access to a consumer grade robot in a way that’s completely unprecedented. In the past if you wanted to program a robot you’ve had to choose between:

  • Polished high-quality consumer grade electronics that may or may not provide limited exposure and APIs to program at the most superficial level.

  • Home-brew projects running on hobbyist level hardware with simple programs of a few hundred lines of code to create interesting but simplistic behaviors.

Our goal at Digital Dream Labs is to eliminate these trade-offs and provide you with direct access to:

  • The internals of a robot with all the power of a smart phone.

  • A state-of-the-art industrial strength codebase with hundreds of thousands lines of code.

  • Sophisticated tools to debug and analyze code performance.

  • Packaging tools to distribute your custom versions of the software to other robotics enthusiasts.

Please note that there will be some small changes due to contractual or legal requirements. Review these changes before proceeding:

  • It will not be possible to go back to a production robot. The unlock process is permanent.

  • Amazon Alexa mode is disabled. Due to contractual requirements we are unable to include Alexa on Vectors where users can modify the system without review by Amazon.

We are excited as you are for this opportunity. We look forward to seeing all the ways people will transform Vector and find completely new uses that we couldn’t even conceive or imagine. We feel no matter how high we set our expectations someone out there will find ways to surprise the world.

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