Observe Face Recognition

With these steps, we'll use console variables to test out the face recognition of Vector.

  1. Open up the firewall to provide access to the vic-engine webserver if you haven't already. To do this quickly ssh -L 8888:localhost:8888 root@
  2. Verify the page is up by going to
  3. Look at all available console variables:
  1. Here we're interested in MirrorMode
  2. Refer to the main page on the webserver for instructions on how to set a console variable.

    You can type this in directly to your web browser but most professional developers would use a CLI tool like curl or wget. On your computer, and NOT the Vector ssh session:

    curl "http://localhost:8888/consolevarset?key=MirrorMode&value=1"

    Note that in general software developers assume zero is the same as off and a non-zero value is the same as on. Here we use 1 to turn the setting on and will later turn it off with 0.

  3. The screen of Vector should now show what it is seeing. Look at Vector and you should see a box drawn around your head. The bottom of the screen should show either UNKNOWN or your name if you've previously identified yourself.
  4. Lets assume you haven't identified yourself. Say "Hey Vector... My Name is XXXX" Vector will perform his scanning and hopefully recognize you and say hi.

    You will now see your name when he sees your face.

  5. Now that we've seen that in action lets change Vector back to his normal self:

    curl "http://localhost:8888/consolevarset?key=MirrorMode&value=0"

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