Custom Eye Colors

You've always wanted to choose the exact eye color that Vector uses- now you can! With this example, we're going to edit a current color to match exactly what we want (we can't add new eye colors- yet- but for now we can edit the current ones to be exactly how we want them).

You will need:
  • SSH Access to Vector


Once you've logged in via SSH as root, we'll need to make sure we can change files. Remount the partition as rewritable: mount -o remount rw /

  1. Navigate to the directory where the "eye_color_config.json" is stored: cd /anki/data/assets/cozmo_resources/config/engine
  2. Create a backup copy of the "eye_color_config.json" file just in case: cp eye_color_config.json eye_color_config.json.bak
  3. Begin editing the "eye_color_config.json" file: nano eye_color_config.json
  4. Find the color you want to modify. Bear in mind you will have to continue using the name of the modified color until further source code is released.
  5. Change the "Hue" and "Saturation" values on a particular color to match what you want. You may have to experiment a little to find the perfect color! Valid values range from 0.00 to 1.00. In this example, I will take orange and turn it into red. I will change this section: "OVERFIT_ORANGE" : { "Hue" : 0.05, "Saturation" : 0.95 }, to: "OVERFIT_ORANGE" : { "Hue" : 0.97, "Saturation" : 0.97 },
  6. Now that we've modified the values to new settings, let's save the changes: a. Exit the editor: Ctrl+X b. Confirm the changes: y c. Press Enter to confirm that you want to keep the same filename.
  7. Reboot the robot: sudo reboot

Once Vector reboots, you're ready to test your changes! In this example, I changed the color "Orange", so I will say "Hey Vector, make your eyes orange." Vector's eyes will now actually turn to red.

Once further code is released, you'll be able to add your own colors. Escape Pod users can already change the command to fit whatever color they changed!

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