Change Boot Animation

Change Boot Animation

It's easy to replace the boot animation with one you like better. You will need to convert an animated gif to raw format and copy to the robot. For this you will need:

  • A working installation of python with the Pillow package installed.
  • An animated .gif with a resolution of 184x96 pixels
  • The script to convert the .gif to a raw image.

Both the script and a sample image called bootscreen.gif are located in the github repository for this document under the examples/change_boot_anim directory.

In this example we'll be operating on your HOST computer and doing everything from there. We will not be issuing commands directly on the robot.

  1. Convert the .gif to a raw image:

    python bootscreen.gif

    This will create a new file bootscreen.gif.raw

  2. Mount the filesystem for writing. Here we'll do that from the host system:

    ssh root@ "mount -o remount,rw /"

  3. Use scp to copy the file in to place:

scp bootscreen.gif.raw root@

  1. Reboot Vector from the host system:

    ssh root@ "/sbin/reboot"

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