Disable Automatic Updates

If you're making changes to the system partition, you'll want to disable automatic upgrades so you don't lose your work when a new OSKR version is released.

  1. Examine logcat contents to see that we are trying to do updates every hour:

    root@Vector-U9D5:~# logcat update-engine:* *:S --------- beginning of main 10-07 05:13:09.568 2214 2214 I update-engine: @robot.ota_download_start000025820 10-07 05:13:10.637 2249 2249 I update-engine: @robot.ota_download_endfail1.7.1.68oskr Failed to open URL: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden20300026887

  2. Examine the contents of the update file located at /anki/etc/update-engine.env

    root@Vector-U9D5:~# cat /anki/etc/update-engine.env UPDATE_ENGINE_ENABLED=True UPDATE_ENGINE_ALLOW_DOWNGRADE=False UPDATE_ENGINE_BASE_URL=https://ota.global.anki-services.com/vic/prod/ UPDATE_ENGINE_ANKIDEV_BASE_URL=https://ota.global.anki-dev-services.com/vic/master/lo8awreh23498sf/

  3. Note that the UPDATE_ENGINE_ENABLED is set to True.
  4. Mount the system filesystem for editing: mount -o remount,rw /
  5. Open /anki/etc/update-engine.env in your text editor of choice and change the value to False. Save and close.
  6. Reboot to ensure changes take effect: /sbin/reboot
  7. Examine logcat contents to verify we aren't doing updates automatically:

    root@Vector-U9D5:~# logcat update-engine:* *:S --------- beginning of main

    There are no longer entries from update-engine in the logs.

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