Vector Subsystems

Vector subsystems

The Vector software consists of several interacting subsystems. The internal codename for the project was Victor and we will see that reflected in the naming with things like vic-.

As the software is open sourced there will be more detailed descriptions of each component.


This is the process that handles BLE communications and forwards them to the rest of the system.


This is the subsystem that interacts with cloud services. Most importantly this provides access to the voice recognition functionality.


This controls the animations that can be played on the robot. In this case animations are a combination of motors moving and what the display shows. If Vector is dancing and smiling all the work is happening here.


The internet gateway which authenticates and routes SDK messages to the vector.


This is the most elaborate and powerful module by far. The engine provides the high level functions for Vectors behavior, a complete AI engine that controls his mood, and much much more.


This controls fleet logging via an ANKI developed system called DAS so we can keep an eye on the health of all the robots out there in the wild.

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