Vector Maintenance Tasks

This covers several tasks used to maintain all Vectors that are not specific to OSKR.

Factory Reset

Since you are modifying the contents of Vector there will be times where you break the operating system and need to reset Vector and return to the initial factory recovery filesystem. Note that a factory reset will NOT erase user data. You may or may not need to do this as well depending on how much you want to clean out old settings.

To complete a Firmware Recovery (Factory Reset), follow the instructions here in this article: Performing a Firmware Recovery Reset

Erasing User Data

There may be times where you want to erase the user configuration on a given robot. This will erase the entire contents of the /data partition including the unique SSH key and any files or code you have placed there while developing with OSKR. It will also give the Vector a new identity and name.

To complete a Clear User Data reset, follow the instructions here in this article: Performing a Clear User Data Reset

CCIS Screen

The CCIS screen shows additional information about how Vector is operating. To access the CCIS screen and to understand its contents, please see this article: The Customer Care Information Screen

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