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The Vector Robot is a versatile, fun companion for various projects, and we encourage you to use the additional resources and code that we have created to extend Vector's functionality and to customize your robot to exactly how you want it. The documentation on these items is a work in progress and we will continue to explore new examples and use cases so you can get an idea of how to use these tools and what applications they can help with. Here is a comprehensive listing of all publicly available Vector-related repositories:

Software Development Kits

Vector has 2 main software development kits, based upon Python and Go. These SDKs can be used to create new apps that connect to Vector and utilize the robot's sensors and functionality!

Python SDK

Core Software

These repositories contain source code that is vital to the subsystems and engines that control animation, emotion, and more.



The Animations repositories provide tools for developers and users to create new animations and/or adjust or customize Vector's eyes and other graphics!

Vector Animations (Raw)
Vector Animations (Built)


The Audio repositories provide tools for developers to modify existing sounds and create new sounds for Vector!

Vector Audio (Raw)

Cloud / Hosted Service Communications

These tools and code examples can be used to develop a custom server stack or customize Chipper to program new interactions into the robot based upon voice inquiries!

Vector Cloud
API Clients

Escape Pod

Escape Pod Extension


These tools are great for developers to make quick, convenient changes to robot configurations during testing!

Vector Web Setup
Vector Configurator
Vector Bluetooth
Opus Go LNAV Configuration


Much of the documentation is held in each GitHub repository! However, we do have other guides and docs on how to use the tools herein. These docs are a work in progress.

OSKR Owner's Manual

We are welcoming contributions to these repositories and would love to see what you come up with. Thanks for using OSKR!

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